PHP7.2 Upgrade Guide

Created by: Administrator, Last modification: 18 Jan 2019 (16:30 UTC)

Clearing messages found while running the bitweaver framework on PHP7.2. I'll tidy up the actual error messages at some point. The key here was to get a machine working again. These are also just the quick fixes, at some point it will be necessary to work out just what is politically correct these days.

  1. count variable not an array
    count( -> count((array)
    Probably complaining because the count was giving a result of 0 as there was nothing in the variable?
    Also resulting in messages in 60 Smarty templates.
  2. Not a proper numeric value
    microtime() -> microtime(TRUE)
    but I think these were all using the reulting string rather than actually wanting the float
  3. each() is deprecated
    Separate crib sheet for this each deprecation
  4. ....

TODO Test the admin areas as they are more likely to be using the above features.