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Having been battling with all the different versions of PHP and additionally legacy ASP websites, the time has come to document the problems involved with converting sites to a more modern platform. Having used PHP from the early days of PHP5, having converted from a BuilderC++ based windows base, the original PHP framework was a pleasure to work with and we could support PHP4 users in parallel with PHP5. However since PHP5.3 came out this has been virtually impossible. While earlier code can be run on a PHP5.3 platform, it is not nearly as easy as it used to be. Currently 90% of users are still on PHP5.2 or PHP5.3 yet 5.3 will be end of lifed when PHP5.6 is released this year. Since barely 0.1% of users have moved to 5.5 this does seem a little premature, so the PHP Surgery is intended as a home for reason. We will continue to support PHP5.2 and earlier applications while looking to help users to move through the maze of problems created subsequently.

The longer story on living with PHP

Fixup Tutorials

register_globals handling removal of automatic generation of global variables.
What is a number introductions to some of the concepts of number conversion in PHP.
E_STRICT the poorly planned changes to a new preferred style.
register_long_arrays is a simple coding style change

Work to be done ...

History of developments ... Just when certain features were dropped
PHP Surgery ... services we plan to provide
Prefered Roadmap ... a plan for a simpler life - how to ignore many of the new features

Sources ...

Information Sites ... index of sites used to verify information quoted.